What did you set out to accomplish with the design of the Grubisa Merlin?

FG: The basic idea was to build something that was convential yet slightly different, with aspects like strings going through the body rather than having a Les Paul-style bridge, while keeping in mind that a lot of the sound comes from the bridge as well. The Merling is actually made from the same material and uses the same style of pickups as a Les Paul - but the principal difference is the anchoring of the strings on the body. Rather than having a separate stock tailpiece and bridge, the strings are going through the back of the body over a bridge plate and saddles, and that's creating a certain sound. One that is different to a Les Paul, or any other guitar that has that particular type of bridge.

Secondly, the way the neck is attached to the body is different to a Les Paul or a PRS in the sense that the actual tenon runs right to the back pickup, and measures approximately 5 inches - therefore create a sort of neck-through-body style of design. In effect, it's a cross between a neck-through-body and glue-in neck-to-body style of construction.


body design

Merlin bridge-
plate and saddles

5-inch tenon