Birth of MY Merlin

by Kez Hasanic.

I wrote these specs on the forum elsewhere on this site during September of last year:

"Neck: One piece maple with maple fretboard, in 'aged' clear finish with 1950's Fender style V neck profile. Black crushed pearl markers with a second one at the bottom of the twelfth fret. 1970's style Gibson medium jumbo frets. Standard scale of 24.75".

Body: One piece light-weight nicely grained ash in 'aged' natural. Maple flamed top in translucent-amber finish with creme binding. Again, standard Merlin dimensions apply.

Hardware: Sperzel locking heads. Graph-Tech nut. GRUBISA DESIGNED MERLIN TREMELO SYSTEM! All hardware is in shiny nickel.

Electronics: 2 Gibson P-94 single coil pickups (hotter and brighter than P-90's). 2 Volumes, 1 Tone in triangular layout. Standard 3 way switch.

If you are thinking that this guitar has a bit of an un-orthodox fender vibe to it you are right!"

Since then my Merlin has been built by Frank, and it's a revelation to play and hear, it's also the first Merlin with a tremolo! However it didn't all turn out according to the above specs. Over the months I took some pics of Frank at work on it and have condensed it down to this record...

Take the tour!